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Sequential Selling Workshop

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We could be forgiven for believing that selling is a one-off transactional event where a product or service is exchanged for money. After all, many of the household purchases we make appear to occur quite spontaneously and often at the click of a mouse!

There is far more to selling though and this becomes more apparent when we consider the selling of products or services between businesses. A whole range of factors dictate against these types of purchases being one-off transactional events. Complex decision making processes, budgetary pressure, long sales cycles, globalisation and fierce competition will all contribute to make the sale a consultative process rather than a transactional event. If we take the example of branded prescription medicines, the sales representative who sells them may well be selling against cheaper generic competition in a market where published guidelines do not recommend the products. A further complication is that the customer, in this case a doctor, is not the end user of the medicine!

Needless to say the customer within this more complex selling situation needs to be professionally guided through a range of states ranging from product or service ignorance, all the way through to product or service advocacy. This journey proffers a whole range of skill challenges for the sales person who must build customer trust and satisfy the customers need without being pushy. To approach a selling situation of this nature with a transactional mind-set would be foolish.

For a complex consultative sale it is important to consider an overall strategy, to research and execute specific tactics and to have clearly identified objectives to the forefront of the mind. This Sequential Selling One-Sheet-Workshop™ will show you how to navigate the consultative selling process while delivering mutually beneficial outcomes for both the sales person and the customer.

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Sequential Selling Workshop

I found them to be very simple to use and explain..."

Mark Mackey,
Financial Services Manager,
Republic of Ireland