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Maximising Audience Attention Workshop

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In order to make a presentation awe inspiring for both the presenter and the audience a whole range of different variables need to come together. Why is it, for example, that two individuals can present the same subject matter to the same audience (e.g. in the case of an assessment centre to recruit a new member of staff) and while one inspires and delights the audience, the other introduces a tide of polite indifference?

A raft of literature has been published over the years giving great advice about how to deliver impactful presentations to audiences. The literature is also very broad covering the simple practicalities of which medium to use and what room layout to have all the way through to the deeper psychological tactics of building rapport with an audience and influencing their thinking.

While there is much literature published on the “how” of presenting it is an interesting observation that there is not as much literature on the “how” of being a member of an audience. If you think about it, being a member of an audience is quite an alien experience to most people. Our everyday mode of interpersonal communication is through conversation. In conversations we are involved in short exchanges of information (lasting seconds) which we have chosen to be involved in and have the power to shape. If we experience a lack of interest or understanding within seconds we can change the subject or ask for clarification. We are therefore incentivised to be attentive at the risk of being rude!

Being a member of an audience is a totally different ball game. We do not expect conversational interchange, we may not have chosen to be in the audience and it is unlikely that we will be empowered to reshape the content of a presentation. In short, as audience members we are not incentivised to be attentive which presents a real challenger for the presenter. This Maximising Audience Attention One-Sheet-Workshop™ shares with you the psychology of the typical audience in order to help you manage attention and deliver your messages so they stick.

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Maximising Audience Attention Workshop

I found them to be very simple to use and explain..."

Mark Mackey,
Financial Services Manager,
Republic of Ireland