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Advanced Questioning Skills Workshop

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As social animals we are exposed to phenomenal amounts of information every day. This presents us with a challenge. Psychologist George Miller, along with other scholars, has concluded that humans can only hold seven (plus or minus 2) items of information in their consciousness at a given moment.

In order to make sense of a world where we are bombarded with information and experiences we delete, distort and generalise what we encounter in order to understand and survive. If we take the example of a generalisation, imagine if every time you walked through a door you had to stop, inspect it and confirm it was a door. We generalise that most rectangular holes in walls are doors!

Organising the world through deletions, distortion and generalisations therefore serves us to stay sane! However, these processes may also limit our potential depending on how we use them. Furthermore, we cannot relay our total experience through the language we use; we can only use so many words a minute! Interestingly, that means when one person speaks to another at a surface level, it is possible to identify through active listening the deletions, distortions and generalisations operating at a deeper level.

In their original study of the very successful therapists Virginia Satir and Fritz Perls, the founders of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), discovered that their success was based on their ability to ask questions that therapeutically challenged client’s deletions, distortions and generalisations. This empowered clients to access desirable outcomes. This Advanced Questioning Skills One-Sheet-Workshop™ shows you how to ask these questions.

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Advanced Questioning Skills Workshop

I found them to be very simple to use and explain..."

Mark Mackey,
Financial Services Manager,
Republic of Ireland